At some point, you or an interested party will find need to qualify your intellectual property and/or to quantify the value or your intellectual property. For example, that could occur prior to or as part of a diligence assessment of your company. You will need to know whether your company (or licensee) is clear to practice your technology unencumbered by intellectual property of third parties. You will need to know whether you need to or can obtain a license for materials and methods employed in the practice of your technology. You will need to know whether you are required to, can and how to design around a third party patent position.

MDIP LLC is versed in delivering formal and informal opinions, assessments and clearances relating to patentability, validity, infringement and freedom to operate, as well as assisting in intellectual property audits and diligence analyses. Such opinions can assist you in product development, licensing activities, negotiations, deals, relationships and in developing a position to avoid an assertion of willful infringement.